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Character: © MollyKetty

Universe: Molly Ketty and Friends

Debut: 2010 (DeviantArt)

Animated debut: Molly Ketty and Friends - "A Week with the Hedgie Siblings" (2010)

Valery is a female, 8-year-old, light violet cat from Goopy Swamp, who is Molly Ketty's loving and loyal little sister (foster sister actually). She is fun-loving, goofy, and can sometimes act really rude. She is also a bit egotistical and somewhat weak in common household chores. She has a bit of a bad temper on her, but also has soft feelings and can break down crying easily. But Molly always manages to make her feel better. She also dreams of becoming a famous supermodel, just like her idle, Trisha.