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Character: © MollyKetty

Universe: Molly Ketty and Friends

Debut: 2009 (DeviantArt)

Animated debut: Molly Ketty and Friends - "A Week with the Hedgie Siblings" (2010)

Molly Ketty is a female, brown and orange cat with black stripes and long red hair. She is nice, smart and has a very positive attitude. Molly is always up for anything, rather it's going on adventures, stopping villains from taking over the world, shopping or just hanging out with her family and friends. She is also skilled in various fighting styles, and has a magical violet gem known as the "Aura Diamond."



  • Molly Ketty is the first internet originated character to be included in Chronicles of Illusion.
  • Originally, Molly Ketty had a completely different role planned for Chronicles of Illusion. But was scrapped, as not to portray the character in a negative matter.
  • When Molly Ketty debuted in 2009, a lot of DeviantArt users said that she looks like Sally Acorn from the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series and Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series.
  • An old MS Paint drawing of Molly Ketty from 2008 was posted on MollyKetty's DeviantArt account on September 3, 2012, showing off the character's original design.
  • The scrapped Sonic the Hedgehog character, Tiara Boobowski, was used as a base for Molly's second design. However, this was not well-received by certain DeviantArt users, making them believe that she is a recolor of said character...
  • Molly originally wore shoes in her original design. But were later changed to boots, similar to the ones Amy Rose wears.
  • Molly originally had "hedgehog eyes" in her older designs, but were changed to two separate eyes.
  • Molly originally had a ponytail in her second design, but was reverted back to her hair being down.
  • Molly originally didn't have black stripes in her older designs, but were added in her later designs.