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Character: © MollyKetty

Universe: Molly Ketty and Friends

Debut: 2009 (DeviantArt)

Animated debut: Molly Ketty and Friends - "Meet the Battledogs" (2012)

Cheiva is an evil scientific cyborg (90% human, 10% robot) with an IQ of 360, and the arch-enemy of Molly Ketty. Her most well-known ability is her masterminded plots and schemes. She is a remarkable scientist and engineer, as evidenced by the armies of robots she's created.

Cheiva's goal is to take over the world and turn everyone into her cybernetic minions. However, her evil plans to do so are always ruined by Molly Ketty and her friends... But no matter how many times she fails, Cheiva will never give up on her ongoing mission for world conquest. Though, she will take some vacation time every now and then, and relax on a nice warm beach.