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Junior Barker

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Universe: Playkids

Debut: I Love to Learn - "I'm Not So Scared" (2016)

Class leader, Junior is very charismatic and being by your side is always fun.

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AdamGregory03 AdamGregory03 23 November 2013

My Revieww on Chronicles of Illusion

Hello everyone, I am AdamGregory03. I thought that I would share my opinion on each chapter of this semi-popular crossover series. Keep in mind if I speak negatively of it, I'm not bashing it or saying the overall product is bad unless that is indeed what I think. This is also MY review, and therefor my opinion.

So let's stop wasting time and begin.

  • 1 Chapter 1: The Illusion Begins
  • 2 Chapter 2: The Mystery of Illusion
  • 3 Chapter 3: Attack of the Carnotaur
  • 4 Chapter 4: The Mysterious Cat Girl
  • 5 Chapter 5: The Evolution
  • 6 Chapter 6: The Secret Plot
  • 7 Chapter 7: The Unexpected Clash
  • 8 Chapter 8: The Wrath of Zim
  • 9 Chapter 9: Shere Khan Attacks

So we begin with the "company logos", and, before getting too deep into this, I must give MollyKetty my kudos for doing a…

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