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Universe: Gravity Falls

Debut: Gravity Falls - "Dreamscaperers" (2013)

Bill Cipher is a powerful demon that can be summoned and released into a person's mind. He is a one-eyed, yellow, triangular pyramid with a top hat and a bow tie, superficially similar to the Eye of Providence. He has a snappy sense of humor and his knowledge knows no boundaries, but loses his temper quite easily due to impatience. His main goal is to merge the real universe with the universe of his own, the Nightmare Realm, and cause chaos.



  • In Gravity Falls, Bill Cipher is voiced by show creator, Alex Hirsch (also the voice of Stan Pines and Soos).
    • Alex would later become the voice of King in The Owl House.
  • In April 2017, Bill Cipher was placed at #6 on's top ten cartoon villains of the 2010s.

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